Saturday, November 30, 2013


Brother Andy in a contemplative moment.

Self-described visionary uber-artist (someone proficient in more than five media), Brother Andy, has worked as a producer, writer, director, cameraman, lighting expert, set designer, actor, makeup artist, costumer, editor and created musical scores for over twenty feature films, over three hundred short films, and dozens of music videos, plus educational films and videos.

He formed several production companies: Roadkill Productions in 1979, Full Frontal Productions 1984, and Narcissus International in 1992. His recent multi-media works are now under the Intriguism label. His most recent feature films are: "The Mummy's Desire" and "I Am...Dead" which can be viewed on youtube for free.

He performed as comic horror character, “Armando Creeper and Mother”, for fifteen years in films, conventions, film festivals, and merchandising, as well as appearing on TV (“Entertainment Tonight” and “America’s Funniest People”) and was KEZY radio’s “official character” for five years.

His works have appeared on stage, including producing audience-participation plays such as “Juan and Kitten’s Wedding” in the San Diego area. Theme parks employment included Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt for seventeen years as a specialist in prosthetic makeup and performing on the main stage dancing and singing.

TV commercials included productions for Movieland Wax Museum (which he also managed their haunted house) and several other companies.

Andy worked with RIP Productions, creating and managing haunted houses for five years in the Fallbrook and Escondido areas of California.

He worked with several nightclubs, including the gothic Vampircus in Long Beach, California, doing promotions, management and entertainment.

As a model, Andy was showcased in "Playgirl" Magazine and national calendars. Recently, he worked as a model for life drawing classes at the Palm Springs Art Museum. He worked as a photographer for twenty-eight years, compiling a 10,000-plus image library of over four hundred models. He is an expert in Photoshop.

On the Internet, he designed and managed over twenty award-winning mixed-media websites for movie stars and fine art artists for over a decade.  Andy worked with on original content, including photography stills, graphics and video production for over fifteen years for the GLTB community.

Early in his career, Andy worked as an award-winning “visual merchandiser” for major department stores throughout Southern California.

He has been a published writer in “In Touch”, “TV Guide”, “Back Country Living”, “Monster Maker Journal”, “Absolute Palm Springs” magazines, as well as the acting editor-in-chief of “Intriguism” online e-magazine, in addition to dozens of literary projects, including PDF books, calendars, catalogues, brochures, and e-books for “Lee Alien: Out Of His Mind” and “Shahram Farshadfar: People, Places And Things”.

Brother Andy performed live poetry readings at Dezart Gallery, the Palm Springs Art Museum, Wine and Art, and Barnes And Noble, amongst other venues.  He has been a Guest Speaker at high schools and colleges throughout Southern California.

As a experimental fine artist, Brother Andy has created countless paintings, drawings, assemblages and digital art.

Andy, as an interior/exterior designer, remodeled over twenty homes to date in Palm Springs, Orange County and San Diego areas.

Andy is the leader and founder of the Intriguism Art Movement and Retro-Futurism art method, plus creator of the controversial iconic Intriguism image, “Jesus Chimp”.

Brother Andy is currently serving as Media Coordinator/Producer for a San Diego non-profit organization, making educational videos for people with cognitive disabilities. He is a Consultant for artists, galleries, models and actors such as an Emmy-winning production designer and Miss Pre-Teen California Shane Murphy who appeared in the Academy Award-winning film "Little Miss Sunshine".

Brother Andy is now the Creative Director for DVdL.  His responsibilities are helping with book meetings, graphic designs, videos and the blog.  He has just completed a book, "Murder Most Fun: How To Start A Murder Mystery Book Club (And Live To Tell About It)".

"My motto has always been: Educate and entertain," says Brother Andy, "To inspire and encourage!" 

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