Friday, November 29, 2013


Charming On-line Esteemed Member, William P. Knobman, of Roberta, Canada, sent us a
photo of himself reading this month's book selection.  Thanks for sharing, Will. (Note To Will:
Spray-N-Wash will get rid of the stains on the sheet on the left of the picture.)
In just under sixty days, the Dolca Vita di Libro Book Club blog has received over 3,000 views from all over the world, from all kinds of culinary arts/murder mystery enthusiasts, wearing all kinds of clothing, and in some cases in...uh...various states of undress. Whoever...or whatever...gets you excited (so to speak), we hope you can be educated and entertained here, where we cast off inhibitions and embrace "The Sweet Life Of Books".
Thanks so much for the overwelming support. 3,000 views -- and no complaints.  Our success is only because of you.

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