Saturday, February 8, 2014


Brother Andy portrait by artist
Shahram Farshadfar from the video project,
"Art Never Dies"

I began Dolce Vita di Cinema ("The Sweet Life of Movies") at the end of last December 2013 (a month-and-a-half ago) as a sister blog to the wildly popular Dolce Vita di Libro ("The Sweet Life of Books") blog, which is used as a clearinghouse for all kinds of media for the murder mystery book club in Palm Springs (of the same name) and for entertaining/educating murder mystery book clubs anywhere in the world -- filled with feature films, in-house videos, retro radio programs, reviews, interviews, member profiles, meeting up-dates, images, games, and tons of other stuff. The response to Dolce Vita di Libro has been positively mind-blowing.

Dolce Vita di Cinema was consciously designed to be a kind of on-line film class, to concentrate on hard-to-find features, insightful documentaries, and other educational materials.  The work of incredibly talented geniuses are free to see in full, uncensored. I wanted the blog to become a handy source of inspiration for artists, writers, directors, actors and editors -- anyone with a serious interest in films -- as a kind of free-form library. To help beginners in the film business, I wrote a free PDF downloadable book ("Brother Andy's Notes To The Actor") about my experiences with actors in my films and included it in the blog materials, as well as posting my own independently-produced feature films, open to critique and questioning, such as "The Mummy's Desire" (a satire of Hammer films), "I Am...Dead" (a film noir zombie thriller), and "The Rush of the River" (a Western with a twist).

Now, Dolce Vita di Cinema has built an amazingly loyal following, without a scrap of advertising or promotion.  I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished in such a short period of time. 

Next, I am hoping to not only continue to scavenge the vaults for lost film treasures, but to give a platform to new creative visionaries who have something to say.  Thank you to everyone who has supported this worthy endeavor.

Brother Andy

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Actor

Intriguism Moving Pictures

Palm Springs, California

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work, the commitment of your time and your generous posting of so many wonderful films!