Thursday, February 13, 2014


Esteemed Member Karen Laid
Photo by Brother Andy

"I love people," said Karen Laird, a Palm Springs resident of nearly two years.  "I make friends easily.  That's why I was a good salesman -- I could ask anybody anything."

Karen is an active Esteemed Member of the DVdL Book Club.  Her early career was raising three daughters while working in the advertising business for radio and television in Portland, Oregon, AND earning a Masters and Bachelors degrees along the way.  She and her first husband divorced and he subsequently died, leaving Karen to support the family as a single mother.  She had no intention of every marrying again.

As can happen, she changed her mind when she met her husband, Jere (pronounced Jerry) Laird while visiting where father had a yacht parked in Long Beach, California, slip for forty five years.  Jere was visiting friends at the yacht club as well who invited them both for breakfast one morning.  The two chatted casually about "red convertibles", began talking on the telephone thereafter, courted through the internet and married not that long after meeting.  "I told people I was pregnant," jokes Karen.

Jere had been an award-winning radio announcer for KNX for thirty-some years, covering such historic events as the Watts riots and the Manson trial. "Those of us in the advertising field worked hard," insists Karen, "While 'talent', like Jere, was thought of as less strenuous of a profession, let's say." Jere retired from reporting and took cruises around the world for three years.

Together, they were settled in a condo in San Pedro when someone made an offer that was impossible to resist and Karen and Jere then serendipitously moved to Palm Springs. 

One accomplishment Karen is especially proud of -- that of being a "Biker Babe", as members of a cycling club were referred to -- and bicycling across the entire state of Iowa.  Karen currently enjoys water aerobics, knitting, hiking, reading and studying Spanish.

Yet, Karen seeks an outlet to develop a creative skill.  Taking a class on mosaics from well-known local fine artist Jennifer Johnson who is a founding member of DVdL, Karen meet several other members and knew the club was something special she wanted to participate in.  "I'm curious about people and the book club is nothing less than a spectacular way to socialize with some very intelligent individuals who keep me challenged," Karen says.

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