Sunday, February 16, 2014


Twenty-odd (!?) devoted Esteemed Members of the Dolce Vita di Libro Book Club once again joined together on Friday, February 14 to share their love of books with each other -- the fifth such book club meeting assembled in as many months. 
The hosts' beautiful house (provided generously by Esteemed Member Karen Laird and her husband, Jere) was decked out in full Saint Valentine's glory with lacy paper hearts, red candles, and vibrant pink roses.  Wonderful Esteemed Member Jennifer Johnson, who is "The Heart of DVdL", made sure everyone was alerted to time and place.  Attendees came dressed in white, red and pink to commemorate the special event.  As always, the pot luck food was extraordinarily delicious, with Esteemed Members out-doing themselves with hours of preparation.  Various types of wine was served to those who looked forward to refreshments -- counting the minutes to begin celebrating the day.
A rousing discussion ensued concerning everything from suggested reading of books otherwise not chosen by the group, to the process members use to enjoy and appreciate books, to illuminating the "pros and cons" of the month's book selection.  One aspect of the in-depth talk centered on the comfort level of the group as a whole, resulting in individual members feeling free to speak openly without fear of reprisal. Gregarious Esteemed Member Brother Andy acted as facilitator in a feeble attempt to disguise the fact he never reads the selected books.
The next meeting is only four short weeks away, but too long to wait for those of us who excitedly anticipate what will take place.  Thanks to all!

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