Sunday, October 13, 2013


By Member Jennifer Johnson
Cassoulet is a famous peasant dish of the French region of the same name. There are many roads to a fine Cassoulet, in fact three towns in France vie for the best one. This is a dish that always stays on the fire, with more ingredients being added as time goes on. Duck confit is a must and the delicious cassoulet Dolce Vita di Libro member Hunter made had genuine duck confit from France in it. There are cassoulets that are reputed to have been cooking for a few hundred years! There is even one in San Francisco, CA that has been cooking over 14,000 days! This history is a fun part of the lore of the area.
Also, the Dordogne area is home to the oldest continuous habitation of mankind. The famous Caves of Lascaux (Dona's exceptional painting representated that influence at the first Dolce Vita di Libro meeting) were made at least 40,000 years ago, so the inhabitants of St. Denis can be understood when they resist modernity and bureaucracy!
The name of the dish comes from the type of container it is usually cooked in. Recipe to come...

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