Wednesday, October 30, 2013


DVdL's Esteemed Member, Ms. Peggy Vermeer hosted a fantastic Halloween party for other Esteemed Members and friends in Palm Springs, California. Here are some of The Usual Suspects as photographed by DVdL's Creative Director, Brother Andy...

The "Doctor" Lee B. is both "in the
house" and "out of it" -- if you
know what I mean.

The party never ends -- ever --
for Palm Springs maven, Peggy V.
Bottoms up!  And drink, too!
Bodacious Lady "M" kept asking
guests to pet her "Kitty", although
she was obviously holding a dog. Hmmm...
The "Bird Lady" Barbara G. was
going to go to the "funny farm",
except we needed the eggs.

Notorious international smuggler,
Davidro, was shocked to learn what
was found when authorities did in a
body cavity search -- car keys and a
bottle opener.

Mean-spirited Brother A pulled a gun
and made guests twerk.
Everybody's Gal Pal, Maureen, loudly
insisted she did not pose for the image
 on the bottle, just before loosing consciousness.
"Helmet Head" Rik kept saying,
"That's not a rocket. I'm just
happy to see you."
Friendly "Baby Face Angelo", AKA
"Sticky Fingers" sat on everyone's lap
-- even when they were standing.
DVdL's beloved Jennifer J was white-hot to dress
as "Officer Bruno" once she eventually
did...and then out came the hand-cuffs...
Mind-reader "The Amazing Mr. B"
can glance at a person and immediately
repeat the worst insult they have ever

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