Thursday, October 10, 2013



Dolce Vita di Libro's own Creative Director, Brother Andy, has written, produced, directed, edited and starred in dozens of motion pictures, videos, television shows, music videos and more.  As part of developing multi-media projects for Dolce Vita di Libro Book Club, Brother Andy would like to create a feature film around the book club, using members as actors and for aid in helping in the project overall. The movie would be set in the 1930's, use numerous split screen and chromo-key effects, plus be heavy on costumes and makeup. The plot of the film would go something like this...

In 1935, several odd people from a book club are invited to the ramshackle mansion of a well-know, but mysterious, 101 year old author to meet him so he can sign their copies of his book -- a book about the gruesome murders of people who are members of a book club.  Fine food is placed on long tables about the house, enticing them to eat.

Immediately, the members grow suspicious of the purpose of why they were called to the mansion, what will become of them...and then one of them disappears...and another...and another.  The group discusses their various secrets as possible motives as to why anyone would want to kill them. They get the ideas that the author is murdering them one-by-one, that he is a Master of Disguised -- and he...or SHE...could be anyone in the room!  In the meantime, the food is disappearing as well, though no one will confess to be eating it.  After making a few of the group strip to their underwear as a precaution, they learn that the author had died days before after sending the invitations...from food poisoning...from the very food they have been eating...and the other guests who disappeared...were in the bathroom.

The End.

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