Thursday, September 26, 2013



"Bruno, Chief of Police" is a book (and book series from publisher Boomerang Books) by Martin Walker but the fictional "Bruno" also has his own very-real website ( and blog and musical play list, including Edith Piaf and Eric Clampton.  The Bruno universe is also filled jammed-packed with real-world places to visit such as restaurants, hotels and other sight-seeing venues.  There are detailed make-able menus of different culinary delights to wear the hardened food addict to weakness.  On top of all of this, Bruno solves crimes.

Bruno -- superhuman beyond reason, yet entertaining to even the most jaded -- makes iconic Sherlock Holmes look like a second-rate hack and as made-up as the Easter Bunny.  Who needs James Bond?  Bond never built his own house and grew the grapes for his own drinks.  Did any other sleuth in novels ever find a lost dog? Ha!

The author, Martin Walker, does international interviews and book tours.  What he has done with his hyper-specific Bruno is blurred the lines of fantasy and reality to the point where you start to believe you could get in a plane and go to this far-off place and see Bruno handing out parking citations while on duty creating a fireworks display.

"Bruno, Chief of Police" is the first book chosen by Dolce Vita di Libro book club.

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