Thursday, September 26, 2013


Here's how you can use the Dolce Vita di Libro Blog as an on-line book club:
1. Think of a fiction book which has food references and a murder mystery in the plot.  The book has to be widely available so each person can purchase it to read.  The book can come from anywhere in the world (as long as it is in English).  The book could also be a downloadable from on-line.
Or the book you read can be a part of the lists of book currently chosen (which will be posted here, along with the schedule of meetings and who will be hosting them). After the book club meets, we will post our reactions, reviews, comments, suggestions, etc. -- and so can you.
2.  Post your interest in a particular book on the blog.  If no one else is interested in reading the book, you could still post a review or pass it along to someone else when you are finished.  If you have links to pertinant information, post it.  Perhaps you have a photo from a place you have visited that relates to one of the books covered by the group or the book you chose.  Why not share it? Other media such as videos or movies or websites or events which relate to the topics and themes covered here are also encouraged. Know an author?  Hook us up.
Have a crazy idea for a project that relates to Dolce Vita di Libro such as an on-line PDF book or a costume dinner party or charity raiser, let's hear about it.
3.  If you attend a meeting, please RSVP the host.  Being on time is important as no one wants to disrupt a meeting that is already in progress. Bringing a dish to share in the potluck is fun because you never know exactly who will bring what -- and with group of die-hard "foodies", the food is always interesting.  Either put the food in a disposable dish or make sure you take the dish (and utensils) when you leave.  If you drink alcohol, just like the food, you should bring what you like.  It is not the place of the host to supply drinks.
If you are hosting and need to change the date or location, please contact Jennifer Johnson as soon as you can.  That information will then be posted here.
4.  Check the blog on a regular basis. If you have any comments, suggestions or critics, please send them along.
The the success of the club will only be a great as the involvement of the individuals.  Your contributions mean so much.  Learning is an important part of life and our intention is to enjoy ourselves with good reading, good food, good wine, and good friends.

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