Monday, December 16, 2013


The author of this month's book selection ("Murder And Marinara"), Rosie Genova, was contacted through Facebook by Esteemed Member Lois Graziano (this month's facilitator). After a pleasant exchange, Ms. Genova sent the book club a hand-decorated wooden spoon, book marks and promotional materials, which Lois shared with the group at the last meeting.  Lois has since sent Ms. Genova photo images of the Esteemed Members who dressed as characters from the book.  Ms. Genova wrote the following response:
"You are all TOO funny! Please give the group my very best and all my thanks for picking my book and getting so involved in it. I am so honored. The pics are a hoot, and tell the girls I'll be sharing them with my editor, who will get a great big kick out of it.

Lois, if you or any of the group buys from Amazon and feels comfortable leaving a short review, that would be great. But no pressure!

And be sure to stay in touch. This summer I will have advance copies of The Wedding Soup Murder, so watch for giveaways and other fun stuff.

Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! Hope your sauce came out well!

xo, Rosie"

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